Badlands National Park
Barber Motorsports Museum
Big Horn National Forest
Blue Hole Santa Rosa, NM
Bonneville Speed Week
Bryce Canyon
Buffalo Bill Dam
Cadillac Ranch
Ford Museum
Glen Canyon Dam
Grand Canyon
Hells Backbone Road
Heritage Hall Museum
Hoover Dam
Misc. Landscapes
Misc. Structures
Misc. Vehicles
Moki Dugway
Mount Rushmore
Mount Meadows Massacre
Navajo Bridge
Niagara Falls
Nevada Railroad Museum
Parker Dam in Arizona
Pioche Nevada
Pioneer Museum
Sandia Peak Tramway
Valley of the Gods
Wild Fire in Arizona
Yellowstone National Park


There were plenty of animals on the trip. Everything from a frog on my back porch the morning I left my house to cats at camp grounds to hundreds of insects stuck to the windows of a restaurant I stopped at to a guy with a huge iguana on his head at Bonneville to wild horses in Monument Valley to two dogs in the middle of no where to herds of buffalo at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone to my Grandma´s Pitbull who always insists on going for a ride in the golf cart to get the mail. More animals can be seen on the Yellowstone National Park page.